1 to 11 CD DVD Duplicator
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Best for High Definition Video and Large Data Storage


Luckystar Standard up to 15 targets Blu-ray Duplicator support 12X BD-R/ 4X BD-R (DL)/ 2X BD-RE/-RE (DL)/16X DVD ± R / 8X DVD ± RW /4X DVD ± R DL Black Color w/500G HDD installed and bulit-in USB connection


  1. Blu-ray Duplicator Controller
  2. 500G HDD
  3. 12X BD-R / 16X DVD-RW/+RW SATA Blu-ray Writer


  1. Luckystar Blu-ray Duplicators are high performance standalone Blu-ray Copier system which are support from 1 to 15 targets.
  2. Luckystar Blu-ray Duplicators with built-in 12X BD-R / 16X DVD-RW/+RW SATA Blu-ray Writer
  3. Luckystar Blu-ray Duplicators support Blu-ray, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW blank media formats
  4. Automatic CD/DVD Format detection, no extra setup while duplicating
  5. Source Error Protection to improve fail rate due to bad master
  6. Auto self-test while boot up
  7. Adjustable duplication speed to fit your requirement
  8. User friendly LCD display
  9. System is upgradeable via firmware
  10. Copy, Test, Verify, Compare functions available
  11. support both DAO(Disc at Once) and TAO (Track at Once) burn mode
  12. Switch language between English and Spanish
  13. Built-in USB Connection, You can connect your duplicator to a PC. Thus, the bottom writer will become an external writer.
  14. This Blu-ray duplicator wiill not duplicate protected DVDs such as BlockBuster?movies (copyright DVD movies).

Maximum Writing Speed

  1. 12x BD-R Single Layer
  2. 4x BD-R DL
  3. 2x BD-RE Single Layer
  4. 2x BD-RE DL
  5. 16x DVD-R
  6. 4x DVD-R DL
  7. 6x DVD-RW
  8. 8x DVD+RW
  9. 16x DVD+R
  10. 4x DVD+R DL
  11. 40x CD-R
  12. 24x CD-RW

*Maximum writing speed depends on the CD/DVD disc and writers manufacture specifications

Supported Disc Formats

  1. DVD-ROM
  2. BD-ROM, BD-R/RE
  3. Double Layer BD-R/RE
  4. DVD-ROM
  5. DVD-Video,DVD-Audio
  6. Double Layer DVD+R
  7. Dual Layer DVD-R
  9. CD-ROM (Mode1 & Mode2)
  10. CD-ROM/XA (Mode2 form1 & form2)
  11. CD-DA, Mixed-Mode, Video CD, CD-I
  12. Karaoke CD(VCD)
  13. Photo CD (Single & Multi-session)
  14. CD-Extra, HFS, CD-Bridge,ISO9660, CD-R, CD-RW
  15. Business Card CD-R
  16. 3″ Mini CD-R

Supported Recording Media Type

  1. 12cm Blu-ray BD-R
  2. 12cm Blu-ray BD-RE
  3. 12cm Blu-ray BD-R DL
  4. 12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW
  5. 12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW
  6. 12cm 8.5GB DL DVD
  7. 12cm 80min/700MB CD-R
  8. 12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW
  9. 8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R
  10. 8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R
  11. 8cm 50MB Business CD-R