DVD duplication innovation uses a red laser to make copies of DVDs on recordable discs. DVD duplicators can also be used to replicate CDs and a lot of disc photo copiers include a double drive that can support both CD/DVD-R and CD/DVD+ R formats. Some disc photo copiers can likewise be utilized for printing. The concept benefit of autololoading (or automated) disc copiers is that they reduce the need for human intervention in the CD and DVD duplication/ production procedure. Unlike manual DVD copiers, they do not require an operator to load and discharge the drives. Users just need to fill blank discs into the maker, begin it, enter the variety of copies needed and return to pick up the duplicates. There are 3 main classes of autoloading dvd photo copiers:

dvd duplicator– Standalone Autoloading DVD duplicators: These disc photo copiers are basic to use and operate very much like manual standalone CD or DVD towers, with the added advantage of automation. They are readily available in smaller designs that are compact and portable, as well as larger copiers appropriate for the duplication of big volumes of DVDs and CDs.

– PC-Based Autoloading DVD duplicators: These designs are connected to a PC by means of either a USB or Firewire user interface – or a combination of the two. The PC connection permits you to produce your CD and DVD straight from a host PC, giving you more control over duplication/ publishing given that you can run application and production software on the PC. The operator doesn’t need to burn a master disc before the duplication process since the system develops disc images on the host PC hard drive.

– Networkable Autoloading DVD duplicators permit network-wide access from several clients to the autoloading dvd copiers.

Identifying Which Disc Copiers Best Suit Your Needs

Given the extensive range of DVD duplicators offered on the market today, deciding which disc copier or duplication/ publishing system to buy can be quite complicated. The general standards below highlight some of the factors you ought to consider when selecting disc copiers.

— > The speed aspect: both manual and autoloading dvd copiers feature drives that tape at various speeds. If speed of recording is a primary concern, pick the disc copier with the greatest recording speed that you can afford. Bear in mind that manual disc photo copiers are quicker then autoloading DVD duplicators due to the fact that there is almost no limitation to the number of drives that can be added. Likewise, manual loading and unloading is usually faster than autoloading. If you require to copy DVDs and CDs rapidly and at low cost, your finest alternative is most likely a manual tower duplication system

— > Minimal user intervention, ease of use and portability: Nothing is better than standalone autoloading DVD duplicators if what you need is ease of use and ignored operation. Compact designs are more suitable for usage in remote places since they are simple to transportation.

— > What sort of end product do you require? Pick a DVD duplicator system that both copies and prints if you require customized printed discs, however if all you need is duplicates of the master (original) disc, then a standard disc photo copier is a much better choice

— > Volume or size of duplication jobs: Autoloading DVD duplicators are suggested for high volume duplication. Although manual disc photo copiers are generally quicker, automated disc photo copiers require nearly no physical intervention

— > Multiple duplication tasks: PC-based or PC-connected autoloading dvd copiers enable users to run several tasks using a host PC, without any human intervention for quick production of archived jobs, while providing more control over the production procedure

— > If your company has numerous customers or users who need access to DVD disc duplicators, your obvious choice is to purchase networkable autoloading dvd photo copiers that make it simple to create great deals of custom-made discs with really little user intervention

Whether you need business disc copiers to disperse business-related info (sales brochures, training manuals, etc.), or you just want to make copies of CDs and DVDs to give to your good friends, you’ll find exactly what you require amongst the extensive array of manual and autoloading DVD duplicators on the market.

All Concerning DVD Duplication

dvd duplicator When it pertains to duplicating a DVD, it in fact involves the process of making one more copy of the master disc which will certainly be like a duplicate of the original DVD. This is likely to be really various than exactly what the majority of us are utilized to, as we are simply duplicating information from a disc, utilizing our computer systems or other copying tools.

Even if reproducing DVDs as well as CDs could be done on any modern-day computers nowadays, when it comes to DVD replication, the process will require to be done by an equipment which can duplicating the DVDs at one time, and not separately, as when it comes to computers. Exactly how do these equipments actually work? cd duplicator Well, they will certainly read the details from the master disc as well as then they will “burn” it on the blank disks. This is a fairly very easy process and also the details that needs to be burned could either originate from an information stick, a DVD or an additional computer. This method permits the replication of lots of empty discs, also if the master copy does not exist.

There are a great deal of such equipments on the market today, but firms will only pick the ones which they need in order to satisfy their workload expectations which is either computed at a daily or month-to-month basis. Many of the times the companies will just resort to services that will accomplish their needs. The business will certainly consider such services most of the times, because they will certainly not require them frequently and also buying a DVD printing equipment will not be budget-friendly.

Outsourcing is what many firms are going for when they have to have DVDs or CDs duplicated. They do not have only the advantage that the specialized firms will certainly be able to deal with wonderful quantities of job, however such firms will certainly additionally be able to have the products then distributed to different areas.

There are numerous types of details that can be refined by such companies as well as this is yet one more factor to why most companies will have their DVD or cd duplicator replications requirements pleased by specialized services. The most generally duplicated info is motion pictures, music and software.

In the ins 2014, the business that supply such services needed to upgrade their services as well as get ready for the brand-new information layouts, like the mp3, HD style, and Blu Ray format. Naturally, when it involves software formats, they all had to dvd duplicator tower be suited too.

Even if replicating DVDs as well as CDs could be done on any contemporary computer systems nowadays, when it comes to DVD replication, the process will require to be done by a maker which is capable of replicating the DVDs all at as soon as, and not separately, as in the case of computers. This is a fairly simple process and also the info that requires to be melted could either come from an information stick, a DVD or another computer. The business will resort to such solutions many of the times, because they will not need them too typically and buying a DVD printing equipment will not be set you back reliable.

CD and DVD Duplication – Lasers

Laser innovation is a vital part of cd duplicator Duplication, actually it is the foundation upon which the modern technology of CDs established and therefore integral to the processes included. As CD modern technology has actually created over the previous 40 years, so too have actually the lasers made use of created as well as advanced to generate new abilities and also uses CDs.

With lasers being a crucial part of the Duplication procedure, not just in reading CDs, the development in laser technology has as a result had essential implications for CD Duplication, while the laser procedure utilized throughout duplication will certainly influence the lasers made use of at the CD analysis phase.

Initially, FELINE lasers were made use of to read CDs, with an infrared wavelength of 780 nm. Consequently the wavelength has actually been minimized to create DVDs, utilizing a reading wavelength of 650 nm, while Blu-Ray discs use a lower wavelength still of a violet wavelength of 405 nm. This advancement of utilizing smaller sized wavelength lasers has been to raise the amount of data that can be stored onto a disc. Particularly with the development of making use of discs to store images as well as video, as opposed to just audio and also ROM information, much more data has actually been had to be saved on a solitary disk. With the physical size of discs remaining the same, this information has had actually to be packed a lot more detailed together in order to fit it all on. Consequently, lasers with much shorter wavelengths have needed to be created in order to dvd duplicator review this now extra small information storage.

Unavoidably, along with needing a shorter laser wavelength to check out a disc, so much shorter laser wavelengths have been needed in order to ‘compose’ the information into the disc throughout the CD and also DVD Replication procedure. Throughout Duplication, a laser is utilized to alter the reflectivity of the disc surface, with these variants in representations found by the laser in the disc analysis device. It as a result complies with that the changes in reflection of this disc need to be shorter, and also for that reason the laser that creates them need to likewise be so.

Lasers made use of during Replication are called Laser Beam Recorders (LBR). These laser makers could differ the wavelength of the laser, depending upon just what is needed and what the disc is to be used for, to develop CDs, DVDS, Blu-ray and other disc types. LBRs utilize either Photoresist Learning or Non-Photoresist Mastering (additionally understood as Dye-Polymer learning) to compose to the discs. Photoresist mastering utilizes discs with light-sensitive surface area materials that change representation when exposed to the laser, while Dye-Polymer understanding use discs with a Dye-Polymer surface area product which evaporates when revealed to concentrated power created by the laser at the required points on the disc. Each of these strategies has various benefits, as well as needs cd duplicator a different laser configuration to contact the different disc types.

Lasers used to Replicate a disc are much more effective compared to those used to review the disc. In order to allow this, disc surface products that can be molded at the higher power setting while remain untouched at the lower setting of the analysis lasers have to be chosen.

Undoubtedly, as well as requiring a shorter laser wavelength to read a disc, so much shorter laser wavelengths have been required in order to ‘compose’ the information into the disc during the CD and DVD Replication procedure. Throughout Duplication, a laser is utilized to change the reflectivity of the disc surface, with these variants in representations discovered by the laser in the disc reading device. These laser makers could differ the wavelength of the laser, depending on what is needed as well as exactly what the disc is to be utilized for, to develop CDs, DVDS, Blu-ray and also other disc kinds. Photoresist learning makes use of discs with light-sensitive surface area products that transform reflection when revealed to the laser, while Dye-Polymer understanding use discs with a Dye-Polymer surface area material which vaporizes when revealed to focused power produced by the laser at the needed points on the disc.

Numerous Industries Currently Aim to CD Replication for Their Sales and also Advertising and marketing Interaction

There has actually been a big boost in the number of firms using copied CDs (compact discs) to boost their advertising reach. CD duplication, typically referred to as ‘shedding’, is the process of putting together resource material-video, audio or various other data-into the correct rational quantity layout which is then tape-recorded or melted onto an optical disc. It’s normally a CD, but can likewise be kept on a DVD for DVD replication. The copied CD could be published on through a variety of methods such as inkjet, screenprint, offset or thermal print.

dvd duplicator At beginning back in the 1980s, CDs were mainly utilized for readily launched songs. The demand for music CDs has dropped drastically over the previous decade. Consumers progressively access their songs or various other audio documents layouts, through MP3, as well as play it on their computer systems and portable songs devises such as iPods and smart phones.

Therefore the nature of CD replication has changed. As opposed to songs CDs, the item is currently seen extra as a very reliable communication device which can carry business’ messages, such as advertising and marketing, presentations, promotions, technological information, or even, brochures, to their target audience, as well as dispersed very conveniently. Smart organizations have been utilizing this innovation for several years, taking advantage of the advantages of economical cd duplicator tower replication to properly communicate their message.

There are lots of examples of CD replication being made use of to carry a marketing/advertising message to a target market. Some are:-.

• & bull; Catalogues & bull; Residential property available or rent out• & bull; Schools targeting possible trainees • & bull; Educational programs• & bull; Seminar workshops • & bull; Online companies placing on-line videos onto CD or DVD for people not familiar with Flash • & bull; Capital raising customer presentations • & bull; Boat or automobile manufacturers could feature all their versions on one disc• & bull; Animal item materials.

The CD or DVD duplication method matches people, establishments as well as firms that are attempting to interact or sell an item or idea that is as well large to lug about, such as cars or retail developments. Others include financial items or training services which are too intangible to have actually equally as printed, still photos. Another location is where a service or product can have a variety of technical specs with them, ie the cd duplicator CD/DVD permits the user to get as well as take in cd duplicator tower information via a structured food selection system within the disc so they could discover the particular information as needed, in a straightforward way and at their own pace.

CD/DVD duplication has replaced published sales brochures for numerous types of marketing communication and training functions. However a disc affixed to a printed sales brochure usually boosts its performance as the consumer gets the message using both media. CDs could be housed in instances or pvc pocketbooks to the front or within sales brochures, technical handbooks or free with magazines and also profession publications as “cover places”.

CD replication, typically referred to as ‘shedding’, is the process of putting together source material-video, sound or other data-into the correct logical quantity format which is after that recorded or melted into an optical disc. It’s commonly a CD, yet could also be kept on a DVD for DVD replication. The CD or DVD replication technique fits individuals, organizations dvd duplicator and companies that are attempting to interact or sell an item or principle that is too huge to carry about, such as autos or retail developments.

Market Your CD Currently

As your fan base obtains bigger, your gigs get more expectancy and cd duplicator also your CDs are completed, the next thing to do is to really market your CD to your fans. Nonetheless simple it appears, it’s never ever very easy to market something, yet below are some ideas on ways to market your CDs.

cd duplicator towerBUZZ UP!

The CDs can still be in replication procedure, but you could currently start marketing them! Tell your followers on Facebook as well, due to the fact that there’s absolutely nothing even more interesting compared to following the development of an approaching CD.


Just what’s a CD without a launch celebration? Don’t think that if there’s no large tag support you up after that you can’t have a launch event for your CD. It’s really very crucial to celebrate your CD launch as well as invite your fans and also other bands as well! Play your tunes for the audience and do not forget to offer the CD at the occasion. You’ll be shocked at how effective this sales method is.


Usage free online stores to sell your CD and make usage of Facebook and also Twitter to spread the word. Don’t neglect to constantly attempt to consist of a link to the online store that offers your CD.


When your CD is out, always bring some supply to market on your every job. cd duplicator tower Make the CDs your authorities merchandise as well as if your followers like what they listen to, they could purchase your CDs there and afterwards. Keep in mind, every gig is a chance to offer your CD!

Usage free online shops to sell your CD and also make usage of Facebook and also Twitter to spread out the word. When your cd duplicator is out, always bring some supply to market on your every gig. Make the CDs your official product as well as if your followers like exactly what they listen to, they can purchase your CDs there as well as then. Keep in mind, every job is a possibility to offer your CD!

CD-DVD Printers and also Consumables

CDs and DVDs are favored means of dvd duplicator storage space today. Individuals use them for whatever from storing pictures to music and also information. No issue what they are utilized for innovation is constantly around making it less complicated to accomplish whatever you have to. There are a lot of DVD as well as CD associated consumables that make the process of replicating and replicating less complex.

dvd duplicator Duplicators for Blu-Ray discs

Anyone that makes use of Blu-Ray discs knows that they are various from various other DVDs. The products that are made use of to replicate them will be different as well. There are Blu-Ray duplicators on the market that are easy to use. They even link to a normal PC without any headache. These duplicators are superb as they are easy and also really effective. They are easy sufficient for novices to make use of as well as efficient enough for small time professionals.

CD and DVD duplicators

CD as well as dvd duplicator tower duplicators are simpler to come by and also they are offered in range. Depending on the demand and also the demand there is lots to select from. There are photo copiers readily available for luxury users in addition to tiny timers. Copy machines are readily available in both semi automated as well as completely automated settings.

CD and DVD printers

Identifying your duplicated as well as copied disks is similarly vital and also consequently there are printers in the market that are especially made to do just this. Most of the printers readily available affix themselves directly to a Mac or a PC. There are reduced budget plan printers and high-end printers. Consumers likewise have a choice in between inkjet and thermal printers. Inkjet printers are ideal for regular printing, why thermal printers are ideal if you intend to transfer photos onto the disc in question.


For those of you that replicate discs for a living a CD/ DVD publisher is the concept point to have. These publishers are really simple to utilize, as a matter of fact they are as very easy as utilizing a printer. The majority of them are fast as well as reliable as well. Depending upon the quantity of information that they are duplicating a publisher could duplicate anything from 30 discs to 100 discs each hr. Epson, Imation, Microboards and also Rimax are some of the brand names you will certainly come throughout on cd duplicator tower the market. Which one you choose to acquire will certainly depend exclusively on what usage you have for it.

No matter just what they are made use of for technology is constantly around to make it easier to achieve whatever you need to. Any person who uses Blu-Ray discs is mindful of the fact that they are various from various other DVDs. The products that are made use of to duplicate them will certainly be different also. There are Blu-Ray copy machines in the market that are straightforward to make use of. These publishers are extremely basic to utilize, in truth they are as simple as utilizing a printer.

The Not So Secret of Replication Versus Duplication

Well, practically replication as well as replication do indicate “copy”, but the words are not interchangeable. Both duplication and also duplication are procedures that duplicate a master disc, however each procedure makes use of different approaches and also has their very own advantages.

cd duplicator DuplicationCD/DVD replication entails taking pre-made CD or dvd duplicator recordable discs, such as a CD-R or DVD-R, and also records them using a compose laser. This laser “burns” information directly into the disc at rates relying on the drive they are inserted right into. After a pair minutes depending upon size of details being duplicated and the rate of the drive, the discs are completed. When they are removed, they equal duplicates of the master disc.

Replication is fantastic when you have low quantity quantities, 5000 or much less, or you are on a brief time table and also require discs within 5 days. Replication likewise supplies full color digital printing for those high quality prints.

ReplicationThe replication process is different compared to the replication process in a number of means.

Unlike duplication, replication does not require empty CD or DVD discs, however rather discs are created at the producer with your details on them, or in various other words, made from scrape. In order to do this, duplication initially calls for that a glass master disc duplicate be made. Next off, the glass master is used to develop just what is called a stamper, as well as it is this stamper that will certainly assist produce the real discs. The stamper is after that put inside in an injection-molding device and plastic is infused to develop a perfect copy.

Duplications is the very best option for when you have high quantity, 1000 discs or even more, as well as have time to save. Duplicated discs are published making use of silkscreen or offset printing techniques and also many replication manufactures can automobile construct discs into CD gem cases, paper sleeves, DVD instances, and also cardboard sleeves, however various other CD/DVD product packaging selections are also readily available.

Both replication and also duplication are procedures that replicate a master disc, however each process makes use of different approaches and has their very own advantages. Unlike duplication, replication does not require blank CD or DVD discs, however rather discs are produced at the maker with your details on them, or in various other words, made from scrape. In order to do this, replication initially needs that a glass master disc copy be made.

Methods for Marketing CDs Online

Marketing CDs is as difficult as selling anything else. We currently live in the period of modern technology, as well as we’re honored with the Web, as our finest bet to removal items. Below are some techniques for offering your CDs online.

1. Make a web site for your band and begin selling the CDs there. Or set up an on-line store, safeguard the payment, as well as ship the products. In this age, it’s a step worth taking, given that many individuals will normally most likely to your web site -as well as question if you have any when they found out about your band for the initial time.

Just what they do is ship your CD directly from their storehouse to individuals who buy from their website, and they’ll pay dvd duplicator you for what you sell on an once a week basis. As this is some kind of a joint operation, you won’t make as much per CD as marketing it on your own (although your part is still all right), however consider it an additional way to obtain added exposure.

When your CDs are available online, make use of all your social networks to allow individuals recognize where they can obtain the CDs. Don’t fail to remember to consist of web links to buy your CD anywhere you have an on-line visibility.

The Net could be a powerful method for offering your item, it could also produce a dilemma. If you make your tunes available for digital download (which most bands are doing nowadays), you could locate a bit of a self-inflicted dispute, in that your products are completing with themselves. (You need to comprehend that people that buy downloads normally do not purchase the CD.) Obviously you’ll make some loan off the downloads, however if you intend to sell your real printed CDs on the internet, you’ll need to add “viewed value” to your CDs. It’s actually meant to make the CD’s charm even more to followers when compared with the downloads.

To achieve this, you could supply bonus functions with the CD purchase that not available in the download version. Some bands might include complimentary band t-shirts or other goods, reward tracks on the CD that aren’t readily available for download, bonus downloads for purchasing the CD, or maybe a bonus dvd duplicator with basic band footage or meetings (nothing fancy, as long as it’s unique, you’ll be fine). The key words right here is: be innovative!

Marketing CDs is as difficult as offering anything else. When your CDs are offered online, make use of all your social networks to let people know where they can obtain the CDs. Of program you’ll make some loan off the downloads, however if you desire to market your real printed CDs online, you’ll have to add “regarded worth” to your CDs. Some bands may include totally free band t-shirts or various other product, bonus tracks on the CD that aren’t readily available for download, perk downloads for purchasing the CD, or maybe an incentive DVD with basic band video footage or interviews (absolutely nothing fancy, as long as it’s special, you’ll be great).

The Difference In between DVD Duplication and also Replication

Disc manufacturing is a cost-effective and also manageable ways for large information storage space and also circulation. Daily, disc manufacturing companies manage client questions on whether there is any type of distinction if the data is replicated utilizing DVD Replication or DVD Replication. For the nonprofessional, it seems almost the same. The thesaurus would certainly even consider the 2 as synonyms. Nevertheless, recognizing exactly what makes each various from one another allows one to pick appropriately based upon their needs. Distinctions could consist of cost-effectiveness with regards to amount of production and needed turn-around times.

DVD Replication is likewise referred to as “burning”. Information is engraved into recordable DVD-R media utilizing a tiny laser found in drive heaters or duplication machines/towers. This process is practical to utilize (quick preparation), conveniently accessible and also extensively readily available (can be done in your home utilizing desktop computers or laptop computers), and is less costly compared to replication because of the minimal configuration prices. If a handful of discs are called for, normally much less than 1000 systems, replication is the recommended process. If creating discs for usage on a standalone dvd duplicator tower player, customers should realize that there is a tiny opportunity of older players not being qualified of reviewing DVD-R media. This is really uncommon now however still a tiny opportunity which has to be highlighted prior to an order is put.

DVD Replication cd duplicator tower is additionally known as pressing. Data is after that literally marked or pressed right into the disc. After which, a protective layer of lacquer is spun into the disc then later hardened making use of ultraviolet light.

One can conveniently tell if a DVD was duplicated or reproduced just by analyzing the disc’s taped surface. A duplicated disc will certainly be purple coloured beneath as a result of the dyes located below the reflector. Replicated discs will be silver underneath due to the light weight aluminum that was utilized to coat the disc. Relax ensured the quality of copied web content and also honesty of data is virtually the same between both. Normally speaking, the main distinction lies in the production processes and the size of time needed for manufacturing.

Daily, disc production firms deal with customer questions on whether there is any type of difference if the data is replicated utilizing DVD Replication or DVD Replication. If producing discs for use on a standalone DVD player, customers must be conscious that there is a tiny chance of older gamers not being qualified of checking out DVD-R media. One could conveniently tell if a DVD was duplicated or replicated simply by checking out the disc’s tape-recorded surface. Reproduced discs will be silver beneath due to the fact that of the aluminum that was made use of to layer the disc.

CD and DVD Colour Printing Industry Ready to Dual

Inning accordance with InfoTrends, a market research study and critical consulting company for the electronic imaging as well as paper services sector, gross invoicings from “colour print on need” systems used by the cd duplicator as well as DVD duplication industry, topped USD$ 1.9 billion worldwide in 2009. This market is predicted to about double to near $4 billion by 2014.

DVD and also CD print jobs that when took several days to finish, can now be carried out in the same day and also the customer signed off proof corresponds the final published item. Improvements in the modern technology have actually changed disc product packaging, CD as well as DVD print layout as cd duplicator well as the ability to rapidly transform layouts.

There is no uncertainty that Digital Printing, for smaller sized runs of CD, DVD and paper components, is the only method to go when complete colour pictures are required. There are numerous different CD disc printing choices offered, consisting of thermal retransfer, inkjet, high speed 6 colour UV curable electronic inkjet as well as the traditional silkscreen and balance out print techniques. Each modern technology has its strengths and also weaknesses.

Thermal retransfer has a far lower funding entry degree as well as could be operated by a fairly inexperienced workforce, nevertheless the bow is costly each print and an unique, pricey, receptive surface needs to be put on the discs.

Inkjet disc printing is economical as well as very easy to operate. While the resolution is practical, it is usually washed-out as a result of using special highly matt inkjet receptive surface areas on the optical media. There are inkjet receptive shiny based discs and also UV-cured lacquer topcoats, nonetheless both options dramatically enhance the cost each disc.

The expense per print, after first setup, is extremely reduced and also stable as well as no special surface areas are needed on the DVD media. At the beginning of the print job there is substantial loss of discs which needs the work to be overwhelmed.

The expense per print is low, the print stable and also no special surfaces need to be applied to the DVD media ahead of time. Comparable to balance out printing, there is a substantial amount of denied prints at print begin up while the various colour pictures are lined up.

Undoubtedly, for any kind of bigger scale CD or DVD replication or replication, UV cured digital printers must be considered. Whilst the funding expense is considerable, they offer 6 colour printing, low preliminary arrangement expense (no screens or plates), need no over production to stabilize print colours or line up screens and also they could print directly into uncoated, economical, white-coated discs. There is no contact with the media throughout the print process, which is very important for recordable media and also Blu-ray discs.

Whilst the inks are affordable with an expense per piece similar to balance out printing regardless of the print amount, skilled work is required to keep the devices.

Digital print technology decreases preparations, eliminates excess supply, overruns, plate and display production as well as decreases the cd duplicator tower demand for high res electronic proofs.

Among the advantages of digital optical media printing is that it enables you to print variable data easily, such as consecutive or step-by-step identification numbers, barcodes, and individualized discs. As pressure grows to be greener, more cost effective, as well as turn things around rapidly, digital printing is a fantastic remedy for the expanding market of short run offerings.

There are a number of different CD disc printing alternatives available, including thermal retransfer, inkjet, high rate 6 colour UV curable digital inkjet as well as the traditional silkscreen and balance out print approaches. The expense per print is low, the print steady and no special surface areas require to be used to the DVD media beforehand. Comparable to balance out printing, there is a significant amount of turned down prints at print begin up while the various colour pictures are lined up.

Whilst the capital investment is substantial, they provide 6 colour printing, reduced first arrangement price (no screens or plates), need no over manufacturing to stabilize print colours or align displays as well as they could publish straight into uncoated, inexpensive, white-coated discs. There is no call with the media during the print process, which is vital for recordable media and Blu-ray discs.