Physical VS Digital Info Products – Which Is Best?

dvd duplicatorThe attraction of going completely digital is strong, considering that it can seriously minimize manufacturing, dealing with and shipping expenses, however before you quit physical products, there are a variety of things to consider …

As info-marketers, we’ve all considered it: wouldn’t it be fantastic to totally get rid of the inconvenience of replicating CDs and DVDs, handling printing and packaging and remove shipping? Wouldn’t it be great to conserve all that loan? Electronic products would be pure revenue, right? Well, it holds true that electronic or “digital” details items (PDFs, MP3s, MP4s, and so on) save money on those expenses, but there are numerous advantages to having physical items, not the least of which is that you can charge more for them. For some reason, the viewed value goes up when you have something that’s physically tangible. Individuals understand that they cost more to make and understand they need to pay more for them. There’s likewise something called the “Thump Factor”, which is an amusing method of stating that when you have a thick (heavy) item like a home research study course and you drop it on the table, it goes “thump” like a big book, making it appear significant and for that reason, worth paying more for.

Another good factor for having physical products is that some individuals are just not “up” on the current innovation. They might be (we hope) a minimum of able to play a CD or DVD, however might not even know how to download and play an MP3 – or they might not wish to. Perhaps they like CDs and aren’t good at handling files in their computers. Perhaps they’re much older and didn’t grow up with computers. Perhaps they’re “touchy-feely” and have a need to feel a genuine product in their hands. The point is, people purchase for a variety of reasons so it’s great to have a variety of items and formats offered to cover those bases. The other thing to think of is how you are perceived as a company. You’ll seem more credible if you offer both physical and digital items, much like the “huge boys” (and ladies) do. People tend to pay less for digital, there’s the capacity for technical problems, and having to supply technical assistance because someone can’t get their PDF to open or can’t get their audio/video to play properly … well, that’s no fun. Also, there’s the problem of individuals copying the digital files and emailing them around to their pals, possibly cutting into your earnings, although with CDs this is a potential issue also, thinking about how easy they are to copy.

Bottom line: for the moment, it’s finest to have both.