Is It Best To Go For CD Or DVD Duplication?

DVD Duplication for mid size production

The answer to CD Or DVD Duplication depends on many factors and is not as straightforward as you might initially imagine. For instance, it depends on how much of a budget you have to play around with; who your audience is going to be and how quickly you need the finished product by.

Also, in terms of quality, the DVD will always come out on top. However, does everyone who will receive a copy have the ability to play a DVD on their computer? Most people can play CDs but DVDs may be a little too advanced for some. In that case it really might be better to go for a mix of both replicated DVDs and CDs.

So what exactly is DVD or CD replication ? In simple terms it is a manufacturing process involving a moulded disc. A glass master of the disc to be replicated is made. Stampers are then involved to replicate this glass master.

The DVDs and CDs are injected and moulded, then coated with metal and lacquer to make them tougher and more durable.

What your custom want

In most cases the DVD – or CD – is formatted with a menu which allows the viewer to go to a particular section of the disc, more relevant to their needs, saving them the need to watch the entire disc throughout.

Once the CD or DVD replication is completed, it’s then a matter of packaging it up and distributing. Discs can be written on or printed with either words or images.

Companies can supply their own art work or the company supplying the disc will come up with an agreed solution between themselves and the client using their own in-house or freelance designer.

The actual packaging (or sleeve) for the disc is even more important than the artwork on the disc and should denote the quality of the product inside.

This is because the sleeve rather than the disc itself will be the first thing on show. Packaging can take a variety of forms, from simple see-through plastic cases to elaborate pop-up cases and leather binders.

On the whole, the majority of company DVDs and CDs are handed out through the post or at trade shows – DVDs are particularly good here – not just for showing on a TV screen at your exhibition stand, but also to hand out to prospective clients who happen to be passing and are curious about your product (people are less inclined to throw away a DVD than a printed brochure).

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