Thermal Printers’ Buyer Guide

A thermal disc printer is an example of a blank media and CD/DVD duplicator equipment you should invest in, if ever you want to go into the CD manufacturing business. Although inkjet printing works for less number of prints, a thermal printer is more ideal for making high-volume and personalized disc labels.
Just like other devices, a thermal printer isn’t exactly cheap. This is why you need to get a unit which will fulfill all your disc printing needs. Here are several tips which can help you decide.

What Images are You Planning To Create?

Will you use multiple colors or single color for your disc printing? Are they going to be photo-realistic? Will you use graphics, or will it be all text only? If you prefer not to have full-colored labels, then you can start out with a standard thermal printer.

Standard Thermal Printers Versus Thermal Re-transfer Printers

If the disc printing task you need requires very simple text and graphics, then you should choose a standard thermal printer. It does not produce color blending and only creates spot-color, monochrome labels. If what you need are offset, high quality disc labels with photo-realistic hues. A thermal re-transfer printer is your best bet. Remember that in cheaper, re-transfer units, the images may come out good, but the text can be a bit grainy. This can be avoided if you buy a high-quality re-transfer unit.

The Number of CDs or DVDs to be Produced

It’s best to calculate the amount of CDs and DVDs that you want to produce in a certain period of time. This is crucial when determining the appropriate printing speed for your disc printing. The quickest source for CD labels is the monochromatic thermal disc printer. Single color thermal printers’ speed can print labels for less than five seconds for every disc. On the other hand, photo-realistic disc printing can take a minute for every full-colored disc.
The Cost

This will ultimately depend on the print speed and the image type and quality you need. Most units can cost 5,000 to 10,000 dollars, depending on their features. Of course, remember that the cost for every print is more crucial than the actual cost of the printer unit itself. Since thermal printers use ribbons and not ink cartridges, you can measure the cost per print more easily. For example, a standard thermal disc printer can cost you two cents for every CD or DVD label you make.

Blank media and CD/DVD duplicator equipment, such as a thermal cd printer, can be costly. Make sure you think and consider your options thoroughly before you settle for the best unit for your business.

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